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Personal Growth Breakthrough

What If You Had Online Access To Powerful Video Insights Used In Over 50 Countries By Sincere People Seeking A Better Life?


REWRITE YOUR STORY: You maybe couldn’t help how your story began, but you can change how your story ends.

RELABEL YOUR IDENTITY: Your past defeats should not define or restrict your future. Failure is only feedback.

DETERMINE YOUR VALUES: The most important thing you will ever do is to prioritize and honor your values.

IDENTIFY PERSONAL NEEDS: People are driven to satisfy them on both a conscious and an unconscious level.

LEARN YOUR STRENGTHS: Developing your strengths is better than focusing on eliminating weaknesses.

GET TO KNOW YOU: Everyone is individually unique when it comes to preferences and personality.

SPOT YOUR MOTIVATORS: Take a look at the things that drive you and the things that drag you down.

FIND YOUR DIRECTION: You are special, you have value, your dreams count, and your voice matters.

SET SOME BOUNDARIES: Boundaries give you a sense of say-so over your space, body, and feelings.

RENEW YOUR THINKING: Better beliefs produce better thinking and better emotions that change lives.

MANAGE YOUR EMOTIONS: Refute the lies in your head that sabotage your ability to rise and truly thrive.

CLEAR OUTER OBSTACLES: Challenges bring new opportunities and create an undeniable inner strength.

ENHANCE COMMUNICATION: People communicate in different ways, most especially men and women.

IMPROVE YOUR DECISIONS: Living a better life can only begin on the other side of you making better choices.

REJUVENATE RELATIONSHIPS: Relationships are very fragile things and they require a lot of attention.

ACCEPT IMPERFECTIONS: Each of us have our own collection of scars, scratches, and mismatched parts.

RALLY SUPPORT: Anything is possible with the right people, the right strategy, and the right resources.

BUILD CONFIDENCE: No one is born with inner confidence and it’s not a special personality trait.

UNDERSTAND MONEY: Education or background has no bearing on your ability to be financially stable.

EMBRACE CHANGE: You can’t create new beginnings in your life without embracing personal change.

PRIORITIZE WELLNESS: Your body is the vehicle that takes you through life. Take good care of it.

CREATE GOOD HABITS: A large portion of your day consists of things triggering your behavioral habits.

GRASP LEADERSHIP: True leaders cast vision, manage well, and have an authentic servant’s heart.

GET STUFF DONE: Nothing happens until you take action. A goal without action is wishful thinking.

  • Online access to life-changing video coaching modules plus worksheets and bonuses. This program was created by Daryl Daughtry and is co-produced by Personal growth Magazine. Please watch the video above!
  • EXCLUSIVE:Learn our Achiever's Model and get things done.
  • MODULES:Online videos and actionable worksheets.
  • PRESENTERS:Enjoy a variety of professional presenters.
  • 24/7 ACCESS:It is always conveniently available online.
  • BONUS #1:We uncover 9 common thinking distortions.
  • BONUS #2:We reveal 9 sabotaging human behaviors.
  • BONUS #3:Get a FREE copy of Daryl Daughtry's new book, "Living Your Very Best Life"


Personal Growth Breakthrough

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